Animal Communication

$157 Fee is for a 30-minute session (including Peace of Mind Animal Wellness fee)
Sessions are by Phone

Let the Healing Begin

Jill is a professional Animal Communicator who helps distraught pet parents navigate illness, aging, grief, and loss. She does this in a ​way that honors animals and creates a path to love, joy, and peace. Jill has spent decades in spiritual training and practice, with a focus on grief and loss. She received a Certificate from the Mani Center in Spirituality.

When faced with her dog’s cancer, Jill learned about holistic health and healing. This opened up doors she never knew existed and completely changed her life. It is an honor for Jill to help people experience the beauty and intimacy of the bond with their pets. Studying and earning her Certificate in Animal Communication at The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication gave her a lot of practice communicating with different species and animals who have passed over.

Jill has counseled and coached people on their relationships with animals for over 25 years. She holds an MSW from Hunter College and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Jill talks telepathically with all species and those who have passed over. As a voice for animals, she helps them express their wishes and fulfill their missions with their human companions, clear up misunderstandings, and facilitate forgiveness and release of guilt.


People often feel guilt or regret surrounding their pet’s passing. In Pet Grief Sessions, the spirits of animals who have made their transition share their ideas. Animals have a different perspective on life and death than we do and their messages can be truly profound and healing. This can create a beautiful legacy for their beloved pet.


Anxiety and confusion often accompany pet health issues. During Pet Health Sessions, Jill invites your pet to share about their physical/emotional health. She can ask about treatment options and preferences, so you can make health decisions that respect the wishes of your pet. This can facilitate clarity and relief.


There is nothing like the pit in your stomach when you discover that your pet is missing. Checking in with a pet in a Missing Pet Session can give families a better understanding of how the pet is doing and also surround the animal with love. This energy is felt by the pet and comforting, regardless of the circumstances.


“Initially, I was hesitant about whether Animal Communication was real or not. Jill has spoken with my pets, both living and crossed-over, many times. Each cat and dog revealed feelings, thoughts, and ideas that were unique to their personalities. I wasn’t prepared for the truly unconditional way they love their families.

“We are very grateful to Jill for her non-judgmental help in allowing my pets’ voices to be heard, problems to be solved, and ultimately to know that my loved ones are happy across the rainbow bridge. When Blue died suddenly, I was so upset to lose him. I was so grateful to hear from him that he has gone to a beautiful place and is happy and sending a lot of love. It meant the world to me!”

~Pam M, NY, NY~

Jill infuses this same animal wisdom into her Coaching Animal~Nature Inspired Coaching teaches strategies for adapting to transition as naturally as the animal kingdom. Stressed Animal Lovers and Animal Care Professionals learn to navigate through life challenges and experience confidence, peace, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Pet Loss Coaching provides support to pet parents as they grieve the loss of their beloved pets. Veterinary Coaching helps Veterinarians navigate the unique challenges of their work. Contact if you are interested in exploring how Coaching can help you.

Would love to talk with you and your pets!

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