Wildflower Reiki

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. I have been using Reiki and other healing modalities for in - person/animal and long distance healings for over 20 years. I have a special affection and connection with all animals both pets and in the wild. Recently I adopted a cat who was apparently traumatized. He had been abandoned then trapped in a deserted barn for who knows how long. I treated him with Reiki and other modalities. He is no longer skiddish and fearful. In fact he has shown me that he is also a powerful Reiki Master and healer! At the animal sheltered they named him Gandalf the Grey. It fits him because he is a little wizard! I would love the opportunity to send healing to your animal friend (s) or injured or needy animals in the wild. All I need is their name or some distinguishing feature and approximate location to connect with them energetically.