Pet Psychic / Animal Communication

Gillian Edwards, CAC, RM/T, CCMT,
With the belief that holistic animal therapy is centered on love, empathy and respect, Gillian uses her knowledge and skills to help improve an animal’s health and happiness, which can strengthen and deepen their connections to their human companions. Using a combination of ‘pet psychic’ animal communication, canine massage and remote or in-person energy healing work, Gillian helps animals activate their natural ability to balance and heal their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Gillian is a Colorado-based animal communicator, Karuna and Reiki Master/Teacher and certified canine massage practitioner and instructor. Gillian provides in-person and remote holistic healing solutions for animals and their human companions. Working locally in the Denver, Colorado area, nationally and internationally, Gillian takes a cooperative approach to animal well-care, with a deep understanding of how holistic therapies can enhance and complement traditional and alternative veterinary therapies

Can You and Your Pet Benefit from Animal Communication?
Often, pet parents will reach out to Gillian to figure out what is going on with their companions, and to help
them make decisions regarding their pets. While some just want to check in and make sure everything is
going well, others have specific reasons why they want to better understand what their pet needs and is trying to
tell them, especially for newly adopted pets. Or they have one more message once their loved one has crossed over.

Benefits of animal communication.
Develop an understanding of what your companion is thinking and feeling
Deepen the connection and bond between you and your companion
Understand and address changes in behavior
Provide support and adjustment to new circumstances or surroundings
Enable support assistance in end of life decisions
Connect with your companion from the other side of the rainbow bridge

Wyatt last wishes.
It was Wyatt the cat’s time. He was ill, and his vet determined that there was nothing else they could do.
Wyatt’s mum reached out to Gillian by text, asking what to do. Usually Gillian needs a photo for remote animal
communication, however she knew Wyatt, so was able to connect with him to share information with his
mum, and stay in touch throughout the next few days to help the family (and Wyatt) through the
transition. Wyatt wanted to be at home, not at the vet’s office. He was also ready to move on, but was
waiting for certain people to come and say goodbye. The in-home euthanasia went smoothly and Wyatt
came through to Gillian right afterwards to let his family know he was thankful and all was well.

Why choose Gillian Edwards and Four Paws Holistic Therapy?
Animals don’t always tell us what we want to hear but they do tell us what we need to hear. As an experienced animal communicator, Gillian possesses a unique intuitive ability to talk with animals — hearing, seeing, sensing and understanding an animal’s thoughts and feelings, and can deeply tune in to what an animal is trying to express.

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