Animal Communication

Are you struggling to figure out why your animal companion is engaging in a certain behavior? Are you wondering how they are going to react to a new member of the family? Are you curious about their life before they came into yours? Do you suspect that you share a past life? Are you wondering how they are doing in the afterlife? These are just a few of the subjects we can cover in an animal communication session, possibilities are endless!

In a session with me, I will telepathically connect with your animal companion to provide insight, information and advice.

I work remotely, allowing me to connect with folks and their animal companions anywhere in the world.

To book a session with me, simply make your purchase here, the time of the session does not matter. After submitting payment, please email me at with the following:

  • A photo of your animal with their eyes visible
  • Their name
  • Whether they are alive or have crossed over
  • Up to 7 questions

After receiving payment and the requested information, I will send you a detailed report of my conversation with your animal within 72 hours.

My $77 fee is for a one animal session (includes Peace of Mind Animal Wellness fee). Please contact me at for special pricing on multiple animal sessions.

To discover more about my practice and learn what my clients are saying, visit my website at